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Houston Area Wedding Venues

March 30, 2010

Selecting a wedding venue can be one of the most difficult and important decisions you make while planning your wedding. There are so many places to choose from, so how do you know where to begin and what is “Right” for you?

As a busy bride, finding the time to go visit tons of venues for your wedding, can be a daunting task! So what is a bride to do? As a professional wedding planner, I am asked questions like these over and over again. To help my clients and those just looking for advice, I have put together a step by step guide of  things you should do and things to avoid doing during the planning process. This will keep you organized, save you lots of time and headaches, and in the end MONEY!!!

1) When to select a venue: Venue selecting begins way before a bride gets engaged, in many cases. So many brides have been dreaming of the perfect venue for their wedding since they were a little girl. And many brides know exactly where they want to have their wedding. However, your wedding date is not “set-in-stone” until you book the venue! My suggestion would be to forget about all the other details until you book your wedding venue. The most difficult part about this is if you plan to have your ceremony and reception at different locations. Coordinating dates and schedules between two venues can be challenging.

2) How to Narrow the choices: Many brides have this image in their minds that is exactly that they want, but have a hard time either putting it into words or finding a place that “Has it All!” My best advice to brides would be to look through bridal magazines and find pictures of venues or decor/layouts that are appealing to you. This will help you narrow down the selections! Once you find these pictures tear them out of the magazine and create a file named “Venue!” Once you have a variety of selections from you torn magazine pages, go back through them and “weed out” the ones that are less-like what you want.

3) Visiting the Venues: Now that you have narrowed down the choices to a few select venues, it is time to actually go visit and walk-through the space at each venue. Upon making an appointment to view the venue, ask for a proposal of costs (based on your original ideas or needs) or a standard packet of pricing information. Additionally, I would suggest visiting only one venue per day.  If you visit more than one per day, you could forget some of the important details about each venue. Remember to take a note pad and a camera with you. This will help to keep you organized. Some venues will not automatically look like what you envisioned and that’s ok! Don’t lose hope! At each venue, take notes on the details that you like and dislike. Take photos of details that are inspiring or that are complete turn offs. After you visit all the venues you plan to look at, go back through the notes and pictures. If you have not already found “The One” just by visiting, sometimes going back through pictures and notes will help you make a decision. 

Tremont Wedding 4

Hotel Sorella/Bistro Alex initial consultation

4) Pricing and Negotiating: As owner of Event Solutions and a professional wedding planner, I know that many venues are willing to negotiate their services and/or prices to make sure they earn you as a customer! However, many brides do not recognize that there is room to negotiate to get what you for your wedding. Go over the proposal that you received after your visit. This will help you determine whether or not the venue will work within your budget just from your initial calculations. If you like a venue but think that you want to negotiate to get a better deal or more inclusive services for the cost, do not hesitate to talk with the sales and catering or event coordinator at that particular venue. Let me know what your VENUE/CATERING budget is NOT your total budget.  This will help you set a lower price for the venue to work with.

5) Book your venue: Once you have agreed upon a total cost for the venue and catering, book your venue by signing the contract and paying the deposit in a timely manner. Most venues will NOT hold a date for you without a signed contract and paid deposit. Depending on what your preferred or selected wedding date is, you might have a little more time to continue looking if you choose to, but if you date is within 12 months, I would suggest booking, so you do not take the chance of losing your preferred date.

6) Now you have a date, What’s next?: Now that you have booked your venue, there are many other details that must be taken care of. Keep in mind, if you have 2 or more venue locations, you will need to book the other venues as soon as possible to ensure your date is reserved at each location. The next steps in planning your wedding are as equally as important as selecting the venue! 

Event Solutions‘ next blog post will discuss the next steps in planning a wedding stress free, so stay tuned for more information! To contact Event Solutions to schedule a consultation, click here!

 Courtyard on St. James

A Beautiful and Romantic venue for Weddings!!

Courtyard On St. James Place

Wedding at Courtyard on St. James

Click on any Picture to view Larger!

Hotel ZaZa

A great place for Weddings, Corporate events, themed parties and more!

1920s Speakeasy Party at Hotel ZaZa

Hotel ZaZa

1920s SpeakEasy Party @ Hotel ZaZa

Hotel ZaZa

1920s Speakeasy Party @ Hotel ZaZa

Hotel ZaZa






Hotel Sorella

City Centre’s Newest Hotel with Lots of offer for Weddings!

Tremont Ceremony setup

Hotel Sorella Wedding

Tremont Wedding 2

Wedding at Hotel Sorella

Tremont Wedding 2

Wedding at Hotel Sorella


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