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Wedding Trend :: Cupcakes

August 10, 2010

Baked NYC

Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate your style and taste into your wedding and still accommodate everyone else?
Why not use cupcakes instead of traditional wedding cake!

Cupcakes are a great way of offering a delicious individual “wedding cake” dessert to every guest. You can purchase the cupcakes in a variety of flavors and have them out on your “cake table.” Instead of cutting the cake, you and your groom and simply take a bite from the cupcake of choice! Not only does using cupcakes give you a fun reminder of your favorite childhood (maybe even adulthood) dessert, it also helps out on the most important thing when planning a wedding: YOUR BUDGET!! Cupcakes are very reasonably priced…The options are endless!

Need dessert table ideas?
Why not use a variety of fun, delicious desserts that everyone loves!

Guests love to have variety when they attend weddings…so why not offer them a fun, deliciously filled Dessert Table! With options like cupcakes, candy, ice cream, fruit, chocolate fountain, and more, your guests will leave your wedding happy, full, and will always remember the awesome dessert!

Wedding Favors :: Cupcakes

Need an idea for guest favors?
Why not give them a Cupcake to take home…

Another option for using cupcakes at your wedding is to offer them to your guests as a favor to take home! Your guests will surely remember how thoughtful you were on your wedding day to offer them such a delicious gift! Cupcakes can be customized to your wedding! Check out Crave Cupcakes here in Houston!

Enjoy the cupcakes, and be sure to stop by Crave Cupcakes to sample some of their delicious flavors for your wedding!

Signing off,

Credits: Top Photo-Baked NYC Collage-Kimle Photography Bottom Photo-Crave Cupcakes

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