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August 11, 2010

Jesi Haack Design

Dessert tables are everywhere and have been now for a while. The thing though is to make it unique to you as a couple. This can be done with the wording you use or the treats chosen. Have a favorite piece of candy from your childhood? Is there a treat well known in the area? What other than candy can I incorporate to make this unique? These are all great questions to ask yourself when starting. Here are a couple of my favorite dessert tables by the lovely Jesi Haack and the beautiful Amy Atlas:

Amy Atlas Design

ONE: Your back drop is key! Even if it is an outdoor setting make your table feel like it’s in its own room.

Amy Atlas Design

TWO: Add a pop of color with a colorful piece of paper. This will make white china stand out!

Amy Atlas Design

THREE: Have you ever noticed that sweets make you thirst? Be proactive and have water/milk glasses with flags to add that touch of texture. Note it also lets your guest know that you’re really thinking of them.

Jesi Haack Design

FOUR: Chalkboards are always fun! And just think you can keep it around the house to remind your honey that you’re thinking about him (“Love you babe! Thanks for loving me!” 2 seconds to write and a fun gift to remember)

FIVE: Use your left overs! Have extra ribbon laying around the house? Put it to good use and create this great back drop.


Nicole “Coley”

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