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DIY Projects :: Stenciled Glass Jars

June 9, 2011


1. Clean jars and lids thoroughly and remove all labels. Soaking them in soapy water will make easy work of this, though occasionally a stubborn label will leave a residue. Goo Gone will take care of whatever you can’t scrub off
2. Print out numbers and cut down along dotted lines. Use a piece of double-sided tape to stick number to the inside of glass
3. Trace over number with white paint pen. Allow to dry a good 5-10 minutes, then go back and paint a second layer until number is opaque
4. Roll a piece of paper into a funnel (or just use a funnel if you have one) and pour sand into jars until almost full.
5. Use lid to trace circle onto fabric with tailors pencil or disappearing ink marker.
6. Mark 1″ around that circle and then cut out with pinking shears
7. Screw jar lid onto jar, and have someone hold fabric over the lid while you tie twine around the top. If you are doing this solo, put fabric on with a rubber band first and then tie the twine.
8. Voila, table numbers that will hold up to the windiest of days.

Credits: Once Wed DIY Projects

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