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Thirty Is Better Than One

August 27, 2012

This is a once in a lifetime wedding story that is leaving everyone in awe and jealousy! British couple Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant said their “I Do’s” in not one, not two, but thirty countries! After a decision to travel the world, they came to the conclusion to rewed in every unique location that they could find. The ceremonies were small, but many occurred. Their first wedding was held in Manchester, England in July of 2011 and continued to add on through the next year.

How do they choose the locations and photographers? All by recommendations from the locals. A few times they have emailed wedding vendors, but normally the adventurous couple just shows up! The blog they write, 2People1Life, is a way for the couple to keep track of their travels, post photographs, and even accept RSVP’s from guests who want to join the celebration!

Charlotte Babier was the initial donator of Lisa’s dress for their first ceremony. As for the other locations? Lisa and Alex borrow outfits that fit the location and type of wedding.

But where will they hold their final, legalized wedding ceremony? Peru is ranked as number one at the moment because Alex stated how “touching and stunningly beautiful” the ceremony was. When the travel is finally over the couple will choose their favorite location and return their to hold the legalized binding of their marriage.

Instead of accepting wedding gifts, the couple is asking people to donate to UNICEF. They also have a competition in the run with UNICEF and Zankyou to fly two people to their final destination wedding! Send in an RSVP and see if you get chosen to attend the final ceremony in… Peru? Honduras? LA? WHO KNOWS!

And the ceremony ranked as the couple’s favorite so far.. PERU!

XOXO Jordan


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  1. September 16, 2012 1:58 PM

    The hopeless romantic and adventurous traveler in me truly LOVES this idea! Congratulations!

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