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Making A Difference

September 5, 2012

After your wedding day has come to an end you realize how many things are left over! Flowers, food, china, and other what nots. What do you do with all these items when you can’t return them? Recycle and donate, of course! But we all know it’s hard to think of places last minute, or even find places who will take these items. I’m here to help! This post is going to be not only helpful for cleanup but great for the community! Special E is a great place to start to find out why people recycle their wedding items and how!

Did you have a buffet and end up with an enormous amount of left over food? Don’t fear, the food bank is here! Donate your extra food to local food banks in your community. Not only will you feel good about what you did, others will go home full and happy! Feeding America is a great website to help find local food banks in your area that take donations. Just click your state and scroll through to find the closest food bank in your community.

Can’t find a food bank close enough to your wedding site? Try going another route! Bring the food to a local compost facility to help with the fertilization of soil. Finding a local compost site in your area is easy when you use a compost locator! All you do is type in your zip code or city for the closest one!

After planning for months on end about the flower arrangements you end up using them for only one day. These flowers will still stay good for at least another week. Instead of having the flowers wilt at home while you’re gone on your honeymoon donate them! Imagine donating your flowers to Floranthropy so they can send them to local patients at hospitals. A bride came up with this herself! Her mother had passed away and was unable to attend the ceremony. After her wedding she donated her left over flowers to the hospital her mother was a patient at. You know the rest of the story!

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses
If you’re not into trashing the dress or keeping your wedding dress for the future, why not donate it to a bride in need? Many people are donating dresses to brides in need who can’t afford a dress themselves. One site sells wedding dresses for up to 90% off of their retail price! Make a bride’s day by donating your dress and allowing her to be just as beautiful on her wedding day!

How many bridesmaid dresses do you own? Now how many do you actually wear again after the wedding? Do something about it! You can send your bridesmaid dress in and NewlyMaid will send you a little black dress in return! A dress for a dress!

Other sites to check out for donating or recycling your wedding dress include Smart Bride Boutique to buy and sell dresses, veils, jewelry, shoes, and anything else you can think of! Another great site that not only helps brides, but it also helps out breast cancer victims. Brides Against Breast Cancer helps you donate to patients and their family members. This is such an amazing idea because your dream wedding dress may not be on your budget when your medical bills start adding up faster than you thought. These families can still get beautiful dresses at a great price.

For more ideas on donating and recycling your wedding items be sure to check out the Green Bride Guide for a helpful list of local businesses who love to help the community.

Today was a little wordy but definitely worth it in the long run! Helping out your community and planet is such a great feeling after all is said and done. This would also be a great way to incorporate friends who weren’t a part of the bridal party who still wanted to help out!
Did you donate anything after your wedding day? Let me know what you donated and where to!


XOXO Jordan

Event Solutions

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