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Kisses For The Guests

September 14, 2012


Red, hot pink, and other bright hues of lipstick paired with an adorable DIY kissing booth is a great way to get your guests to interact and have adorable photos to share, AND on a budget! You can use a digital camera to load all the photos to your computer later or you can have multiple Polaroid cameras to show the immediate photo.

The stand or booth and the props can all be made by you! Host a party with your bridesmaids to create cute signage and get the groomsmen to dirty their hands up by building the booth with simple ply wood and a hammer! You can also purchase lips and mustache party props to hold up for accentuation. Personally, I like the idea of lipstick better! Be sure to keep wet wipes or makeup remover cloths around to get all the goo off. You don’t want to have your man walking around with a bright red smudge on him all night!

You’re guests will have something to do while you and the bridal party are taking photographs or if you’re making a quick change of dresses! This booth not only caters to adults but children as well. Using props allows kids to have fun without having to deal with the “ickyness” of kissing!

At the end of the night, hop into the booth and write a “thank you” note, snap a shot, and send it with all of your thank you cards for a cute memento!


XOXO Jordan


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