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Our Sixth Year Anniversary Series:: TOP 6 Wedding Cakes

September 4, 2013

To celebrate our 6th Year Company Anniversary (whoop whoop!)

we are  highlighting our:

Top 6 Favorite Wedding Cakes

Here we go!

Naked Wedding Cake

A great option for couples who don’t have the biggest sweet tooth.

Fun Fact: Hilary Duff was one of the first to start this trend at her wedding back in 2010!

The Edible Gold Fondant

How perfect is this edible gold fondant cake? The sugar bloom only adds to the WOW factor for your guests!

The Cupcake Cake

We loved  Rocio + Fernando’s modern cupcake cake from Crave Cupcakes this past spring!

Vineyard Inspired Cake

Michelle’s Patisserie did an amazing job at capturing the theme of  Courtney + Luke’s

Vineyard-Inspired Wedding!

The Lovebird Cake

Kimberly + Chris were so happy with their whimsical Love Bird themed cake, created by Susie’s Cakes!

The Something Blue Cake

Edible Designs by Jessie confected an elegant and gorgeous wedding cake for  Monica + Greg.

What a perfect way to incorporate your “Something Blue” into your Wedding Reception!

Know of a Wedding Cake that should have made our list?

Show us, we’d love to see it!

Leave the details to us…

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